Are you an avid gamer but don't have an Xbox? Well, fret not, because now you can enjoy Xbox games on your PC! That's right, Microsoft has brought XBOX to PC, which means you can experience the thrill of playing your favorite games without the need of investing in a console. 

This masterstroke move by Microsoft has changed the game, and in this blog post, we will explore the world of XBOX for PC and what it has to offer to all the gamers out there. So, sit tight, grab some popcorn, and continue reading to know more about XBOX for PC.


1. Xbox App for Windows PC

The Xbox App for Windows PC is a game-changer, allowing users to download new games through Game Pass and play console games on their PC. Compatible with Windows 10/11 v.22H1 or higher, one can easily organize their games, launch them when ready and connect with friends across PC, mobile, and Xbox consoles. This app is the perfect solution for gamers looking to explore and enjoy an extensive library of high-quality PC games. With a user-friendly interface and the ability to chat with friends while gaming, Xbox App for Windows PC is a must-have for gamers everywhere. [1][2]


2. Game Pass for PC

Game Pass for PC is an incredible subscription service offered by the Microsoft XBOX platform, providing gamers with on-demand access to a vast library of high-quality games. With new games added regularly, gamers always have something new and exciting to play. With the inclusion of EA Play membership, Game Pass members can access a collection of EA's top titles with in-game rewards and early trials of select new games. In addition, with the integration of Riot Games, players can unlock Agents, champions, Little Legends, XP Boosts, and more, to enjoy their favorite games like never before.

Game Pass for PC offers a seamless gaming experience that can be enjoyed across multiple devices, including PC, console, and supported mobile devices, with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. The new Xbox app for Windows PC has made it easier than ever before to discover and manage your games. Browse the library, view recommendations, and filter by genre to discover your next favorite game with PC Game Pass. Additionally, members can enjoy chatting with friends while they play, with advanced features that allow conversations to continue from game to game. Plus, PC Game Pass members get a discount on games in the Game Pass library and on DLC and add-ons, making it an even better value.

PC Game Pass is compatible with Windows 10/11 (version 22H1 or higher) and the Xbox app to play PC games. However, the service is not supported on Windows 10 in S mode. To access Game Pass games on PC, there are two options available. The first and most user-friendly way is to download the Xbox app on the Microsoft Store on either Windows 10 or 11, log in with your Microsoft account, and start playing immediately. Alternatively, all the PC games that are currently playable on Game Pass can be found in the Microsoft Store, which is available on every Windows computer by default. However, finding compatible Game Pass games is more cumbersome and may not be as user-friendly. [3][4]


3. Cloud Gaming on PC

Cloud Gaming with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate brings gaming to PC without the need for high-end hardware. With over 100 games available, users can stream games to their PC from remote servers around the world. This complements the Xbox Series X and Series S, allowing players to continue their games seamlessly across devices. With fast and stable internet connections, playing high-quality console games on PC is now possible. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate also reduces latency by locally serving game requests, making it one of the best game streaming services in the market. [5][6]


4. Chat with Friends Across Devices

XBOX for PC allows gamers to chat with their friends across various devices. Whether they're chatting on their PC, mobile, or Xbox console, the Xbox App makes it convenient for gamers to keep in touch with their peers. With just a press of Win+G, gamers can use the Xbox Game Bar to chat as they continue playing their favorite game. They can also share screenshots, game clips, and GIFs on the app. Plus, notifications keep users informed about new messages, party invitations, or friend requests. Overall, the Xbox App enables seamless communication with friends while gaming.

Gamers can also explore and download hundreds of games on the Xbox App. The Game Pass library offers over 100 high-quality games that users can download and play directly from the app. With a single monthly fee, gamers have access to blockbuster hits and indie games on day one. Additionally, Game Pass members can purchase games from the library and get exclusive discounts on games before they leave the catalog. The app is compatible with Windows 10/11 v.22H1 or higher, and users can organize their game library however they like. For ultimate convenience, gamers can also play console games with friends from the cloud on their PC with Xbox Game Pass.

To optimize their gaming experience, gamers can check out the recommendations for optimal audio settings in Destiny. The recommended system settings for console platforms are adjusting audio to play through the headset. The PlayStation 5 recommends Chat Audio or All Audio, while the Xbox Series X|S has no additional system settings for voice chat. Gamers can access several options for voice chat settings through the in-game Settings menu in Destiny 2 and Destiny 1. There are options for voice chat to be heard through the speakers, headset only, or speakers only. Cross-platform play users can troubleshoot issues by checking voice chat settings, unplugging and re-plugging headphones, ensuring correct voice chat channel, and checking for blocked players.

For Stadia and Windows 10 users, it is important to ensure that Destiny 2 has permission to use their microphone within their privacy settings. On Stadia, users can navigate to Stadia Settings, select Privacy, and make sure that Who can send you voice chat and party invites is not set to Private. On Windows 10, users can close Destiny 2 entirely and click the Privacy setting to allow microphone access. Overall, players can easily communicate with friends and optimize their gaming experience with the XBOX for PC app. [7][8]


5. Organize and Launch Games

The Xbox App for Windows PC offers a variety of benefits for gamers, including the ability to organize and launch their games. With Game Pass, players have access to over 100 high-quality PC games, including popular blockbusters and indie titles, all for one low monthly price. The app also allows players to browse and download their favorite games directly through the app. Gamers can create their own game library, launching games whenever they're ready to play. With cross-platform connectivity, they can even play console games with friends from their PC through cloud gaming.

For those with a sizable collection of PC games, managing multiple game launchers can be a hassle. Fortunately, there are universal game launchers and library managers that simplify the process. GOG Galaxy is a great option, allowing players to integrate games purchased on PC platforms like GOG, Epic Games, EA, Steam, Ubisoft Connect, as well as console games through Xbox Live and PlayStation Network. With a combined friend list, leaderboards, and custom library views, it's the ultimate PC games launcher.

LaunchBox is another popular game launcher that started as a front end for the DOSBox emulator. Over time, it has become more advanced and configurable, allowing players to customize settings to their liking. However, it does require users to add each of their game accounts in turn and wait for games to be imported, which can take a while. Nevertheless, LaunchBox's versatility makes it a worthy option, capable of handling both retro games and the latest action-packed titles.

Playnite has a more polished user interface, offering many features that make organizing and launching games a breeze. Its open-source nature results in fast-paced development and support for many emulators. Playnite also includes a playtime counter for gamers to track their progress across different platforms, customizable themes, and support for extensions. This makes it an ideal game launcher for those who prioritize ease of use and aesthetics.

In conclusion, managing and launching games on a PC has become more straightforward and convenient thanks to game launchers and library managers. Whether players choose GOG Galaxy, LaunchBox, or Playnite, they can expect a seamless experience, with access to their entire game library and customizable features to enhance their gaming experience. The Xbox App for Windows PC also offers similar features and benefits, making it another viable option for PC gamers. [9][10]


6. Discounted Games for Game Pass Members

XBOX Game Pass members can enjoy discounted games from the vast collection of the Game Pass library. The discount applies to games, DLC, and add-ons in the store tab of the Xbox app, available on Windows 10/11 version 22H1 or higher. The discount varies depending on the game, but members can save a significant amount on their purchases. This feature is exclusive to members and is yet another advantage of the Game Pass subscription.

Moreover, PC Game Pass members can continue playing the games even after they leave the Game Pass library. The downloaded games will not be removed from the hard drive unless manually deleted, so players can keep playing their favorite titles even if they leave the Game Pass collection. However, to keep playing the game, players will need to purchase the digital copy from the Xbox app, the Microsoft Store, insert a disc, or obtain another form of entitlement.

In addition, Game Pass members get access to a vast collection of EA's top titles, exclusive in-game rewards, and early trials of select new games with EA Play membership. By linking their Riot Games Account and Xbox profile, members can unlock Agents, champions, Little Legends, XP Boosts, and more from Riot Games. These features add immense value to the Game Pass subscription and provide gamers with a diverse collection of games to choose from.

Furthermore, Game Pass members can view what their friends are playing and chat with them while they play, keeping the conversation going from game to game. They can also browse the library, view recommendations, and filter by genre with the click of a button to discover their next favorite game with ease. These features make the gaming experience more social and interactive, adding to the appeal of the Game Pass subscription.

Lastly, Game Pass members can play hundreds of high-quality PC games with new titles added all the time. They can enjoy their favorite games from PC-first and Xbox Game Studios, including new day-one releases. They can play directly on their PC, console, or supported mobile devices from the cloud with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. These features make gaming accessible and convenient, providing continuous access to a vast collection of games.

In summary, the Game Pass subscription offers discounted games, continuous access to a vast collection of games, early trials, and exclusive in-game rewards. Members also get advanced features to keep the conversation going with their friends, browse the library, and discover new games with ease. Overall, the Game Pass subscription offers immense value for gamers who wish to enjoy a diverse collection of games from the comfort of their homes. [11][12]


7. Xbox Family Settings App

The Xbox Family Settings App offers simple tools for managing console gaming activities, providing parents the ability to gain insight into their family's gaming activity by viewing daily and weekly reports for each child. With the app, parents can create screen time schedules for each child, set up and customize different time ranges for each day of the week, and even pause their child's game time by temporarily blocking their screen. Additionally, parents have the ability to add money to their child's account and keep track of their recent spending history to monitor game and in-app purchases. [13][14]


8. Connect with Friends on Social Networks

Gamers can easily expand their social gaming network on Xbox with the help of the Xbox App for Windows 10. Utilize Facebook and Xbox Live integration to connect with more friends who like to play games and have fun. Link Facebook to the Xbox Live account and start receiving suggestions for friends. As more friends are added to Xbox Live through Facebook, the network will continue to grow. Share gaming content and achievements via social media platforms.

Xbox App for Windows 10 offers the opportunity to record voiceovers in Game DVR clips on PC by using a headset and Game bar hotkeys. Turn microphone recording on or off for a gaming session easily or customize the mic recording hotkey. Share Windows 10 Store game clips with voice commentary on Xbox Live or any social network. Also, navigate the Xbox beta app with improved features for finding games and redeeming codes. See more products at a glance and enjoy the latest popular Windows 10 and Xbox One games, sales, and specials.

Get the ultimate gaming experience with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, which includes Xbox Live Gold, hundreds of high-quality games on console, PC, and cloud, and an EA Play membership with one low monthly price. Use Microsoft Rewards to earn rewards while gaming and watching movies with Xbox. Family and Friends can manage their console gaming activities, including screen time and content restrictions, with real-time updates.

Enjoy cooperative and competitive gaming with Xbox consoles, and buy and download digital games and content from or directly from your Xbox console or Windows PC. Discover and play PC games with PC Game Pass. Connect with friends, purchase PC titles, and download games anytime, anywhere. Manage children’s console gaming activities with ease from mobile phones and know when friend requests arrive on Xbox Live. Experience Xbox Cloud Gaming (Beta) on mobile, requiring Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, supported controller, and sufficient network speed.

Stay updated with social features arriving in the Windows 10 Xbox beta app each month. Stay ahead and connect with friends through Xbox Live and Facebook integration and share your gaming content. Record voiceovers in Game DVR clips and add voice commentary to windows 10 Store game clips while navigating the improved Xbox beta app with ease. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate offers access to high-quality games on different devices while utilizing Microsoft Rewards. [15][16]


9. Play Console Games from the Cloud on PC

The Xbox app is now allowing PC users to play console games from the cloud. With the latest update to the Xbox app for Windows 10, Xbox Game Pass subscribers can stream games from the cloud and their home consoles. This means that users can play their favorite console games on their PC even if their PC doesn't meet the requirements for certain PC titles. To access the cloud gaming service, PC owners need to connect a compatible controller and select the 'cloud gaming' button in the Xbox app.

The Xbox app's cloud gaming service was originally only available to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers signed up to the Xbox Insider program. However, it is now available to all Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members in 22 countries. Microsoft has also enabled remote play in the Xbox app, allowing users to stream games from their consoles to their PC. With the latest stability updates, users can play select and original Xbox games with better graphics at 1080p up to 60fps.

Xbox Cloud Gaming is a service in which all games are hosted on custom Xbox Series X hardware located at remote servers around the world. Live gameplay video is sent over the internet to a compatible device, and in return, controller codes are sent to the server. This makes it feel like users are playing a game that is loaded on the device itself. Microsoft utilizes its network of data centers worldwide to ensure local service delivery, reducing latency between the end-user and the data center.

Xbox Cloud Gaming is not designed to replace consoles, but rather complement them. As part of the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate membership scheme, Xbox Cloud Gaming offers many of the same games that are available on Xbox consoles. Additionally, the cloud gaming service allows users to pick up and continue their saved games on any device, including mobile, console, PC, or even Smart TV. Xbox Game Pass members can also play many games on their consoles without having to download them.

Microsoft hopes to introduce its streaming stick in the future. With Xbox Cloud Gaming, users have access to over 100 games on mobile, PC, and Mac. Moreover, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate gives users access to Cloud Gaming plus hundreds of Xbox and PC games, online play, and much more. As one of the best game streaming services, Microsoft is continually expanding its cloud gaming service to provide an immersive experience to its users. [17][18]


10. Xbox App Integration with Third-Party Game Storefronts

The Xbox app for Windows PC has been designed to cater to the different gaming needs of players. It allows gamers to discover and download new games with Game Pass, play console games on your Windows PC with cloud gaming, and chat with friends across PC, mobile, and Xbox console. One of the interesting features of the Xbox app is its integration with third-party game storefronts. This integration ensures that users can buy their favorite PC games, DLC, and add-ons without missing a beat. It also guarantees that gamers have access to an extensive game catalog to choose from.

The Xbox app for PC is an all-in-one gaming platform that offers a seamless gaming experience. With it, gamers can organize their games any way they like and launch them when ready to play. Even play console games with friends from the cloud. The app also provides users with an easy-to-use store tab to purchase their preferred games, downloadable content, and add-ons. Game Pass members get a discount on games in the Game Pass library to buy and own before it leaves the catalogue.

Despite its features and efficiency, users have occasionally expressed their discontent with the Xbox app for PC. Some of the issues identified include app freezing on the pop-up screen survey, unclickable buttons, game still appearing in the game list even after uninstalling, and the app not functioning well. Nevertheless, the Xbox app for PC still provides gamers with a range of exciting games, chat feature, and the convenience of an all-in-one game store.

Gamers who want to utilize this convenient all-in-one gaming platform must have Windows 10/11 v.22H1 or higher, Intel Core i5; AMD Ryzen 5, quad-core, or higher, and NVIDIA GTX 1050; AMD Radeon RX 560. The Xbox app also has a family settings app that provides more peace of mind and fosters healthy, responsible gaming choices. Additionally, users can connect with friends across their social networks, including Steam, Discord, Twitch, and more, from the app.

Finally, gamers who want to enjoy the power of Xbox on their PC can download the Xbox Game Pass mobile app to install games from wherever they are to their PC. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members can also redeem their Perks within the app. Overall, the Xbox app for PC provides gamers with access to hundreds of high-quality PC games with friends and an EA Play membership all for one low monthly price. [19][20]

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