Resident Evil: Village

Are you ready to step into a spine-chilling adventure that will leave you on the edge of your seat? Look no further than the latest installment of the Resident Evil franchise, Village. From riveting gameplay to stunning graphics, this game has it all. As you immerse yourself in the horrifying world of the game, you’ll encounter unforgettable characters, solve intricate puzzles, and fight off relentless enemies. Whether you’re a die-hard fan of the franchise or a newcomer to the Resident Evil brand, this game is sure to leave you terrified and captivated at the same time. So grab your controller and get ready to enter a world of terror unlike any other.

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1. Free PS5 Upgrade Available for Resident Evil: Village

Resident Evil: Village fans can now upgrade to the PS5 version for free! Simply insert the disc or install the digital version, and the Free PS5 upgrade option should appear on your home screen or in the Add-Ons menu. Download the upgrade file and enjoy the new next-gen version of the game. Physical owners will need to keep the disc inserted, but digital owners can uninstall the PS4 version past this point. Upgrade now and experience the horror like never before! [1][2]

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2. Storyline Centers Around Ethan Winters and His Kidnapped Daughter

Resident Evil: Village's storyline centers around Ethan Winters and his kidnapped daughter. As the player progresses through the game, they must guide Ethan on his journey to find and rescue his daughter. Along the way, Ethan must battle against terrifying monsters and eccentric characters while solving puzzles and encountering familiar faces.

One of the earliest boss battles players will face is against Lady Dimitrescu's three daughters. To defeat the first daughter, players must escape the dungeon below the castle and make their way to the kitchen. The daughter will chase Ethan, but players can use the environment to make her vulnerable and kill her. The second daughter is located in the Castle Annex and requires players to use cold air to damage her. The third daughter can be defeated in the Main Hall, but players must navigate around the castle to get there.

In the Main Hall of Castle Dimitrescu, players must find six hidden items across two floors. As they make their way through the area, they may have to avoid or fight against enemies. Once all six items are collected, the first and second floors will be shaded blue on the map, indicating that all items have been found.

Resident Evil: Village is available on multiple platforms, including PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. With its intense storyline, challenging boss battles, and hidden item locations, players are sure to enjoy the horror and action-packed gameplay. [3][4]


3. Four Different Mutant Lords Govern the Village

Resident Evil: Village is an upcoming game with four different mutant lords governing the village. Each of these lords resides in their own lair and answers to Mother Miranda. The village serves as the center hub of the game, and players face off against new mechanics and enemies in each Lord encounter. Not much is known about the holy figure, Mother Miranda, except that she is a highly-revered figure who is worshiped by the villagers and lords.

The most popular of the lords is Lady Dimitrescu, who resides in a castle with her three mutated companions. She has been actively participating in vampirism, maintaining good relationships with the other three families to maintain control over the area. Heisenberg, another lord, lives in a factory and carries a big hammer while subjecting his victims to forms of torture and experiments. Salvatore Moreau, the mermen, resembles a mutant and lives in a derelict fishing village. Finally, Donna Beneviento is a mystery wrapped completely in black cloth and veil, residing in a house on the outskirts of the village and operating a puppet named Angie.

These lords play a significant role in Resident Evil: Village, and players must overcome each of them to progress through the game. With the game's release on May 7th, players can expect an interesting and frightening experience throughout, as they uncover the mystery surrounding the lords and Mother Miranda. [5][6]


4. New Features Added, including Photo Mode and Skip Cutscenes Button

Franz, a ClutchPoints writer with a decade of experience covering esports and video games, believes that Resident Evil: Village has several new features that make it an exceptional game. The game introduces a combat system that benefits from Ethan's martial training, which allows him to move, shoot, and fight back better. The Tetrins Inventory system, which Capcom reintroduces from Resident Evil 4, adds to the game's immersion and realism. New enemy types with dynamic AI personalities keep the game from being stale. Furthermore, the addition of a photo mode, as well as a skip cutscenes button, adds to the game's appeal even more. [7][8]


5. More Action-Oriented Gameplay with Higher Enemy Counts

Resident Evil: Village offers players a more action-oriented gameplay experience with higher enemy counts. This means that players can expect more intense and challenging battles throughout the game. To successfully navigate these battles, it is important to be strategic and manage resources wisely.

One way to achieve this is to prioritize the enemies that pose the biggest threat. It is also helpful to keep track of ammunition and health items to ensure that they are not wasted unnecessarily. In addition, players should take advantage of the different weapons and skills available to them in order to gain an advantage in combat.

Another aspect of the game that may affect gameplay is the environment. Players should pay attention to their surroundings and use them to their advantage. For example, hiding behind cover or ambushing enemies from behind can help give players an edge. It is important to stay alert and always be aware of potential threats.

Players should also be mindful of how they spend their currency in the game. Upgrades to weapons and inventory are important, but players should also consider investing in skills that will make combat easier. In addition, exploratory players may want to take the time to explore the game's world, as it may yield valuable resources and information.

Overall, Resident Evil: Village offers an immersive and action-packed gameplay experience. With careful planning and strategic thinking, players can navigate the game's challenges and emerge victorious. So, get ready to face hordes of enemies and enjoy this thrilling adventure!


6. Inventory Management System Similar to Resident Evil 4

Resident Evil: Village introduces an inventory management system that is similar to the one in Resident Evil 4. The system involves arranging items in a briefcase, flipping them around, and fitting them Tetris-style to manage space efficiently.

Players can also combine items on a separate crafting screen to create medicine and ammo as in previous Resident Evil games.

To purchase items like new guns, crafting recipes, ammo, and weapon upgrades, players can interact with The Duke, a portly merchant who bears resemblance to Resident Evil 4's iconic merchant.

Resident Evil: Village releases on May 7, 2021, and promises to feature callbacks to successful elements from past Resident Evil titles, including the beloved inventory system from Resident Evil 4.

Fans of Resident Evil 4's innovative inventory management system can expect to find familiar mechanics in Resident Evil: Village, accompanied by new features such as item combination and a new merchant character.

These features will add new nuances to the inventory management system, requiring players to manage items more actively while enjoying the classic Resident Evil gameplay style.

Overall, Resident Evil: Village seems to continue Capcom's tradition of offering an immersive and engaging gameplay experience that caters to fans of the series while also introducing fresh mechanics to keep things interesting. [11][12]


7. Players Can Hunt Animals and Have Them Cooked into Dishes

Resident Evil Village allows players to hunt animals and cook them into dishes, providing permanent stat boosts for protagonist Ethan Winters. Livestock such as chickens, fish, goats, and pigs can be shot and their meat collected for use in cooking recipes. The Duke, a new character who acts as the game's version of Resident Evil 4's Merchant, is where players go to craft their meals. Money earned from selling gold eggs or upgrading weapons can also be spent with The Duke.

Unlike previous Resident Evil games where animals were typically infected and hostile, Resident Evil Village will feature more docile animals. Players won't be able to cobble together food just anywhere in the game; they must visit The Duke first. The hunting and cooking system is an upgraded version of a similar feature from Resident Evil 4. Chickens have previously been featured in previous games, but in Resident Evil Village, players can hunt and cook a range of animals to enhance Ethan's stats.

Consuming The Duke's dishes prepared from the collected animal meat enhances Ethan Winters’ base stats of health, strength, and speed, which sounds vital to keeping him alive. The mechanic of eating a meal to increase a player’s vitality is a first for the franchise and is a welcome addition to the game's map and enemies. While Lady Dimitrescu is the main villain whose height and claws have been revealed, other villains have only been shown visually, and they don't look like slouches either.

The upcoming Resident Evil Village launch on May 7 for PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Google Stadia, and PC has ramped up its marketing efforts. With the floodgates of information about the game being slowly released, players eagerly anticipate the game's release. Ethan and Mia Winters' story continues in Resident Evil Village, with the couple living in a remote European settlement with their baby daughter Rosemary. Expect the game to be the middle instalment of a planned trilogy that will conclude their story.

In conclusion, Resident Evil Village's hunting and cooking system provides a new experience for players where they must hunt and cook a range of docile animals to improve Ethan's stats. The game's new character, The Duke, acts as the mechanics' gateway, crafting their meals and upgrading weapons with the money earned from selling gold eggs. While the mechanic of eating to increase vitality isn't new to gaming, it's a first for the Resident Evil franchise, and fans are excited to see it in action. With Lady Dimitrescu being the main villain, the game's map and enemies promise to bring many new experiences to players once launched. [13][14]


8. Mercenaries Mode Available after Completing Main Story

Mercenaries Mode is a highly anticipated bonus mode in the video game Resident Evil: Village. Players can unlock it after completing the main story of the game. However, it is an optional side mode that can be accessed only through special means.

To unlock Mercenaries Mode, players must first unlock the Bonus Content Shop by completing the story for the first time. The shop will be displayed with a list of challenges, many of which will have already been completed during the story. Players can spend their newly earned Challenge Points to unlock Mercenaries Mode for only 10 CP.

Once unlocked, Mercenaries mode can be accessed via the Bonus Content Shop at any time. It is a round-based combat experience where players must clear out specific areas of Resident Evil Village of all enemies. They can upgrade weapons and abilities to take down enemies quickly and earn bonuses to unlock new maps for high scores.

However, players should be aware that Mercenaries Mode won't appear in the main menu. For a smooth experience, players should head right on over to the Bonuses section and Extra Content Shop to purchase it with points earned from the campaign.

In the beginning, players will have access to only one stage, and they need to achieve certain ranks in each subsequent mission to unlock the next stage. The game won't give everything without a little work, so players need to master every stage before moving onto the next.

In conclusion, unlocking Mercenaries Mode is an exciting bonus for players of Resident Evil: Village. With the right approach and gameplay strategies, players can enjoy this action-packed mode and achieve high scores to unlock new maps. [15][16]


9. Generally Favorable Reviews, but Some Criticism for Puzzles and Performance Issues

Resident Evil: Village has received generally favorable reviews, with many gamers enjoying the exploration, upgrade options, and visually stunning environments. However, some criticism has been directed towards the puzzles, which have been deemed too simple and a missed opportunity for more challenging gameplay. Performance issues have also been reported by some players, with occasional lag and framerate drops impacting the overall experience. Despite these criticisms, the game's atmosphere and exploration have been widely praised, with many players hailing it as a return to the series' survival horror roots. The characters, including the fan-favorite Duke and the villainous Heisenberg, have also received positive reviews for their interesting and well-acted depictions. The story, while typically ridiculous for a Resident Evil game, has been seen as a fun and engaging addition to the franchise. In terms of gameplay mechanics, many players have appreciated the inspiration drawn from Resident Evil 4, particularly in terms of the exploration and treasure hunting aspects. However, some players feel that the game didn't quite capture the same level of gunplay that made RE4 so beloved, with the upgrades not quite hitting the same satisfying level. Overall, Resident Evil: Village has been a polarizing addition to the series, with some fans disappointed by its departures from the more traditional Resident Evil formula, while others have embraced the new direction. [17][18]


10. Sold Over Seven Million Units by January 2023

Resident Evil: Village has been a massive success, having sold over seven million units by January 2023. The game is a survival horror sequel to Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, set in a snowy explorable Eastern European village. Players control Ethan Winters, who searches for his kidnapped daughter in a village filled with mutant creatures.

The game maintains survival horror elements from previous games, with players scavenging environments for items and managing resources. It adds more action-oriented gameplay with a greater emphasis on combat. The game received generally favorable reviews, with praise for its gameplay, setting, and variety.

In the game, players face primary enemies called Lycans who are agile and intelligent and can wield weapons and attack in packs. The game's inventory management mechanic is similar to that of Resident Evil 4, featuring a briefcase and the ability to move and rotate items for better storage space. Players can buy supplies, weapons upgrades, and items from a merchant called the Duke.

Two new features added to the game were photo mode, which gave players the opportunity to screenshot in-game moments and a button to skip cutscenes. The Mercenaries Mode is an arcade-style game mode of past Resident Evil games, where players fight through timed stages and purchase items and upgrades from the Duke's Emporium.

The story follows Ethan, who has been living with his wife Mia and six-month-old daughter Rosemary when Chris Redfield and his men suddenly appear, murder his wife, and kidnap him and his baby daughter, bringing them to a mysterious European village. Ethan has to traverse the village to rescue Rosemary and fight off the mutant creatures that inhabit it.

The game's villains are four different mutant lords who each control their own forces from strongholds within the village. Each house is led by a different mutated creature, including an unusually tall lady and a grotesque animal-human hybrid.

In conclusion, Resident Evil: Village has been a massive success, having sold over seven million units by January 2023. The game offers a mix of survival horror and action-oriented gameplay with a variety of enemies and settings. It also added new features like photo mode and the Mercenaries Mode to enhance players' experiences. [19][20]

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