Top 10 PC Games of 2023

Top 10 PC Games 2023

G enthusiasts, unite! As we gear up for another year of virtual entertainment, the anticipation for the top PC games of 2023 is at an all-time high. With advancements in technology and the creative prowess of game developers, there's no doubt that 2023 will be a year filled with thrilling, action-packed, and immersive gaming experiences like never before. So, what can we expect from the gaming world in 2023? In this blog post, we bring you the top 10 PC games that are sure to take center stage and redefine gaming as we know it. Buckle up, and let's dive in!


1. Engadget's Top PC Games for 2023

Engadget recommends several PC games worth checking out in 2023. One such game is called Ghostrunner, which has stunning visuals and smooth gameplay mechanics. Players glide through environments on rollerblades, dodging and shooting enemies while controlling time. The game also has an engaging story of corporate greed. Another game called Stray lets players embody a cat in a post-apocalyptic world and solve puzzles while navigating from a cat's perspective. Overwatch 2, a team shooter game, has improved onramps for new players and is one of the best team shooters around. [1][2]


2. PCGamesN's Best PC Games for 2023

PCGamesN has compiled a list of the best PC games for 2023, featuring classics like GTA V and Rocket League. With an overwhelming number of games available on various platforms, finding the top PC games can be a daunting task. However, PCGamesN has curated a comprehensive list of the best of the best for 2023, including CS:GO, Valorant, and Half-Life: Alyx.

One of the top choices on PCGamesN's list is Valorant. Developed by Riot Games, this first-person shooterPC gamers are spoilt for choice with the number of games available across different platforms. PCGamesN has compiled a list of the best PC games of 2023. The list includes first-person shooter games like CS:GO and Valorant, which are popular for their shooting mechanics, weapon economies, and balanced maps. The additions of hero abilities in Valorant offer a unique spin to the gameplay. For those new to the game, helpful guides are available for ranking and getting used to the game's mechanics.

Alyx, the VR game from Valve, doesn't just offer a new Half-Life experience but also validates the years of hype around VR technology. Although smaller in scope compared to the main Half-Life games, Alyx offers an immersive experience with its level of interaction and gameplay mechanics that make players feel like a part of City 17. Red Dead Redemption 2, the sequel to one of the best games ever, offers players an intriguing story based around the Van der Linde outlaw gang facing extinction in a fictional US landscape. Players must navigate their way through the game's moral dilemmas to ensure the survival of their family. [3][4]


3. PC Gaming in 2023: A Broad Overview

PC gaming in 2023 is expected to expand even further, as technology advances and more gamers embrace the platform. With so many options and genres available, players can expect an unparalleled mix of classic favorites and exciting new releases. From triple-A titles like Red Dead Redemption 2 to indie gems like Cat Quest II, there's something for everyone. The rise of handheld consolized PCs like the Steam Deck also adds to the diversity of PC gaming, making it more accessible than ever before. As the gaming industry continues to evolve, PC gaming is expected to remain a key player in the market. [5][6]


4. Roller Champions: A Stylish and Thrilling Dystopian Bloodsport

Roller Champions is a futuristic sport set in a dystopian world, where players on roller skates compete in adrenaline-pumping matches filled with violence. With a cel-shaded look and a dark synth-wave soundtrack, this game is the opposite of relaxing. The game's tutorial will have players on the edge of their seats, trying to make their way to the top while dodging sniper lasers, homing missiles, and proximity mines. However, the gameplay can be overwhelming, and players may find themselves forgetting to perform tricks or switch weapons in the midst of chaos. [7][8]


5. Stray: A Unique Adventure Game with a Feline Protagonist

Stray is a unique adventure game with a feline protagonist that was developed by BlueTwelve Studio and published by Annapurna Interactive in 2022. In this game, the player controls a cat who falls into an underground city populated by robots, machines, and mutant bacteria. The cat traverses the game world by leaping across platforms and climbing up obstacles and can interact with the environment to open new paths. The gameplay is inspired by the developers' cats, Murtaugh and Riggs, and the team studied images and videos of cats for research. [9][10]


6. Overwatch 2: A Team Shooter with Individual Impact

Overwatch 2 is a popular team shooter game with individual impact. The game's colorful cast of characters and fast-paced multiplayer gameplay has won it many fans. The game has improved lighting and shaders as well as other new effects for fog and cloth. Heroes like Junker Queen and Kiriko have been introduced since the game's launch, with more characters being added. Overwatch 2 switches from 12-player matches to 10-player matches, making the game even faster and more nimble than its predecessor. Despite some controversy with its seasonal update approach and cancellation of promised PvE mode, Overwatch 2 remains a fun and exciting game. [11][12]


7. Valorant: A Competitive FPS Game with a Roster of Heroes

Valorant is a competitive 5v5 character-based FPS game that combines gunplay with unique abilities. With a choice of more than 20 agents split across four roles, team composition makes all the difference. The game also offers various other modes such as Swiftplay and Spike Rush for a quicker experience. With new content being released regularly, Valorant is perfect for FPS fans.

The game's diverse cast of heroes offers players an array of unique abilities and ultimates to choose from. Each character's abilities complement their gunplay, allowing for a mix of strategies and playstyles. Players can choose their agent carefully, depending on their team's composition and the opponents they're facing. This adds a layer of strategy not usually seen in FPS games.

The average match in Valorant lasts around 40 minutes, making it perfect for fans of quick, high-intensity gameplay. The game is available exclusively on PC and offers a unique character-based FPS experience for new players. With more than 20 agents to choose from, a range of modes, and new content being released regularly, Valorant is an exciting addition to the FPS genre.

Valorant has quickly become one of the best competitive FPS games on the market, with its unique blend of gunplay and abilities. With a bustling community and frequent updates, there's always something new to discover in the game. Whether you're a seasoned FPS player or new to the genre, Valorant offers something for everyone. The game's diverse cast of heroes and strategic gameplay make it a must-play for FPS fans.

Overall, Valorant is a fantastic addition to the competitive FPS genre. Its character-based gameplay, diverse cast of heroes, and frequent updates make it a game worth playing. Although it's only available on PC, Valorant offers an exciting and unique experience for fans of the FPS genre. So why not gather your friends, warm up that aim, and climb the leaderboards in Valorant today? [13][14]


8. Half-Life Alyx: A VR Game That Validates Years of Hype

Half-Life Alyx is a game that has received high praise since its release in 2020. It is Valve's first game in over a decade and their first full VR title. Critics and players alike agree that it is one of the best games of the year and even among all games.

The pre-release hype surrounding Half-Life Alyx had some worried that expectations were too high. However, the game has delivered against the odds and has become one of the best-rated PC games of 2020 so far.

Looking at aggregate scores of critical reviews of 2020 PC games on Metacritic, Half-Life Alyx sits at the top with an impressive score. It has even beaten out major releases like Ori and the Will of the Wisps.

Half-Life Alyx also holds the title of the best-rated Steam VR game of all time, beating out other VR classics like Astro Bot: Rescue Mission. It has broken records among VR games for user ratings and number of ratings, making it a game that has a lasting impact on VR gaming.

Valve's debut VR title offers an unmatched level of interaction, providing players with an immersive experience that validates the years of VR hype. Alyx has a smaller scope than its predecessors, but it offers a level of interaction that far exceeds that of the Gravity Gun.

Playing Half-Life Alyx is like being a part of City 17, with every shotgun blast and interaction making you feel like you're in the game. Valve has put in a lot of effort and money into creating this VR game, and it shows. With its gorgeous graphics and amazing gameplay, everyone with a capable headset should upgrade their PC and experience it for themselves. [15][16]


9. Red Dead Redemption 2: A Beautifully Perilous World of Outlaw Life

Red Dead Redemption 2 is an epic follow-up to one of the greatest games of all time. The game places players in the shoes of Arthur Morgan, a rugged outlaw and member of a reckless gang who are facing extinction. The fictional US landscape is merciless, and outlaws are crushed under the accountability of law and order.

One of the outstanding aspects of Red Dead Redemption 2 is the deep sense of morality versus survival that the player is forced to consider. Arthur feels a crushing responsibility to rescue and reassure his entire hapless family, including those members he considers rotten and rogue.

The beauty of Red Dead Redemption 2 lies in the stolen moments around the campfire, in which players are thrust into a perilous world and must navigate their way through its dangers. With immaculate graphics, engaging characters, and a captivating storyline, Red Dead Redemption 2 is an unforgettable experience. [17][18]


10. The Best Indie Games for PC in 2023

PCGamesN has compiled a list of the best indie games for PC in 2023, with a variety of options to choose from. Among them is Norco, which takes place in a real town and offers a mystery that spans generations. Terraria, a sandbox game, remains popular since being labeled as the “2D Minecraft” in 2011. The Binding of Isaac Rebirth, a randomly generated action RPG, challenges players to escape from danger. Wildermyth, on the other hand, allows players to experience a unique tabletop roleplaying campaign with procedurally generated stories. Finally, Inscryption provides an unsettling mix of Slay The Spire and lane-based card games.

In addition to the best indie games, there are also the biggest indie games of 2023 to look forward to. For those seeking a heartfelt adventure combined with rhythm-based platforming, Moira McKinnon’s journey in inkle’s game is sure to deliver. Meanwhile, 11 bit studios’ brings a survival adventure set on an alien planet in Alters. In Gamedec, players must solve cases in a virtual world, while veteran developers work as a team in the co-op shooter, Gunhead. Finally, Teardown's spiritual successor, Bomb Rush Cyberfunk, offers a unique funk-infused rollerblading gameplay.

Other games include the epic journey in Black Geyser: Couriers of Darkness, with its unique underlying mechanic, the Moral Compass. Players can guide Nina Burn’s career in Nina Aquila: Legal Eagle, while children can learn coding with Bugs and Kisses. Lastly, the tactical RPG Challenge of the Three Kingdoms provides an epic immersion into ancient China. These games promise an exciting 2023 for indie gamers. [19][20]

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