Monday, October 29, 2018

Shining a spotlight on Lampman Place listing

Updates galore in 3-bedroom bungalow on a cul-de-sac

By Mark Schadenberg

387 Lampman Place, Woodstock
Listed By: Mark Schadenberg, Sales Rep (519) 537-1553
Asking: $209,900

Thursday, October 25, 2018

Craigowan & Grey Silo -- to welcome top women golfers

National amateur women's golf tournament to be staged just north of Woodstock in July
Oxford Golf & Country Club is magnificent Craigowan
By Mark Schadenberg
The best Canadian amateur female golfers will be north of Woodstock this summer at Craigowan.
The best women pro golfers in the world will be at Grey Silo Golf Course in Waterloo next month.
Top Amateurs At Craigowan
The Canadian Amateur Women's Championship at Craigowan (Huntingford) is July 22-25. A field of 156 players will vie for the national title. After the first two rounds, the competition will be narrowed down to the top 70 (plus ties).
Craigowan (Oxford Golf & Country Club) held its official grand opening back in September of 1959, so after 50 (plus) years the course has matured and has been improved to be considered one of the best in southern Ontario.

Friday, October 19, 2018

Memorial Cup: Trophy all about honouring sacrifice

Parkwood Hospital visit ties together veterans and junior hockey
Memorial Cup tourney starts tonight in London
By Mark Schadenberg
LONDON – If a portion of the 401 highway east of Toronto towards Trenton can be re-named the Highway Of Heroes, the residents' portion of Parkwood Hospital in London should be called the Hallways Of Heroes.
With the 2014 Memorial Cup hockey tournament in London, I was given a special opportunity to attend a reception with Second World War veterans and the Memorial Cup trophy at Parkwood on Thursday (May 15) morning.
The brief ceremony - accompanied later by photos taken with the CHL championship trophy for attendees – included the many veterans who reside at Parkwood along with the three CHL league commissioners (David Branch of the OHL was present) and Memorial Cup ( chair Trevor Whiffen. Both Branch and Whiffen noted that respective family members had served Canada overseas in the military. 

Sunday, October 14, 2018

Fill piggy bank with coins for the Canadian Cancer Society's volunteer drivers program

Pigs Of Hope campaign recognizes that many cancer patients require assistance to attend medical appointments

Oxford County currently has about 40 volunteer drivers

By Mark Schadenberg
Piggy Banks have always been a great place to store your change, but for the Canadian Cancer Society (CCS) locally the change is to now save your coins and collect dollars for their volunteer drivers’ program by using a piggy bank you pick up at the CCS office.
The program is called Pigs Of Hope.
With family members often living outside of the area, it can be difficult for some cancer patients to visit their doctors for out-of-town appointments or receive medical care such as chemotherapy.
The CCS has a valuable group of volunteer drivers – they are reimbursed for gas, so the average cost per trio is about $50. If you have spare time, you could consider volunteering for this integral service.

Monday, October 8, 2018

Wishing a Happy 10th Birthday to Heart FM !

Woodstock radio station signed on back in April of 2006

Serving Oxford County and beyond from 104.7 on the FM dial

By Mark Schadenberg
Congratulations to Heart FM!
The Woodstock radio station can be found at 104.7 on the FM dial, but can truly be found everywhere in Oxford County and beyond its borders.
Happy 10th birthday in 2016 to Heart FM !
CIHR FM is a terrific local radio station serving Woodstock and Oxford County and a little bit beyond that geography, but truly Heart FM is all about its people – the people on the air and its listeners.
The station officially appeared on your radio dial on April 10, 2006.

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Complex hydro production issue must be solved in our province

Consumers in Ontario are shocked at home by electricity system

Why is province producing more power than it would ever need especially with smart conservation trends continuing?
By Mark Schadenberg
I’ve trained myself to have too many trains of thought, so I hope I’m not too far off track today, especially when it’s a day when Santa is in Woodstock on a train.
I remember as a child hearing about Pierre Trudeau’s philosophy on ‘wage and price’ controls. It all seems to make too much easy sense that if prices for consumable materials rise by 2%, wages must also rise by 2% or you’re falling behind.
When I was just 9 years old, the Trudeau Liberal government of 1975 introduced (see history link below) what was called The Anti-Inflation Act which was designed to control price increases in many sectors of the economy, and limit salary increases by 10% the first year and then 8% in year two and then 6% in year three.
It was strange times in the economy certainly.
Our strange times today revolve around supply and demand, and the production and availability of certain goods and services.