Thursday, September 27, 2018

What did Mark Hierlihy have to say at CCS Oxford office meeting?

Ontario executive director for Canadian Cancer Society was in Woodstock earlier this month

Changes for Relay For Life organizing committee will make annual event more volunteer driven 

By Mark Schadenberg
The Oxford community office for the Canadian Cancer Society had a guest visitor earlier this month, and it seemed like a timely meeting to begin the process of organizing Relay For Life for 2017.
In attendance at a 2-hour meeting was the new Ontario Executive Director of the CCS, Mark Hierlihy. 
The round table discussion, which included an easel with brain-storming thoughts and ideas, was moderated by Hierlihy as CCS staffers (Jan Cunningham, Pam Noels and Kelly Jorgensen), and committee volunteers from various CCS events and programs shared their ideas about the past, present and future.
Discussed were all facets of fundraising and volunteer efforts by the CCS, so daffodil sales were on the agenda, and so was donating time and effort in other capacities such as door-to-door canvassing, driving cancer patients to appointments, and most certainly Relay For Life.

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Non roof-top photovoltaic projects discussed at city council

City Hall asked to approve these plans, but the process continues for hopeful hydro providers

Tecumseh Street lands needed to be re-purposed

By Mark Schadenberg
I think the City Of Woodstock should be congratulated for its record in improving brownfields and utilizing or repurposing buildings.
Obviously I realize, it’s just not the City itself but property owners as well, and developers who see true potential in a structure or area.
Too often the City is blamed if an owner does not maintain a vacant building and later it’s leveled, such as the Capitol Theatre.
During the passing of time, schools and churches close, fires occur, factories and hotels are shut down, and even gigantic employers such as the ORC close their doors. 

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Sixth Avenue bungalow should be first on your list

Woodstock homes features 2-car garage and wonderfully updated eat-in kitchen

House to be sold with hot tub, stainless steel appliances and like-new snow blower 

By Mark Schadenberg
Adjectives are utilized to add description. However, often a few extra words to assist in drawing a picture still don’t do justice in depicting a subject.
In this case the subject property is the stunning 237 Sixth Avenue in Woodstock.
It’s a 2-bedroom brick bungalow with a 2-car attached garage, which is about 60 years old.
Remarkable, impressive, modern and terrific are 4 adjectives which could be used.
The first point to be made is that the 2 bedrooms with sparkling hardwood flooring can be misleading as the home was built with 3 bedrooms, so now the master is a convenient 18’8” by 10’8” and features 2 closets – one for her and another for . . . her.
Additional highlights include the 4-person luxurious hot tub, which is just 2 months old, plus a wonderful recroom, fully modern updated kitchen, and a paradise for a private landscaped backyard.

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Five Woodstock home construction companies are the Builders Group

Subdivisions with streets named after birds, or monikers like Alberni, Normandy and Anzio were all part of their canvas

Geerlinks, Goodman, Deroo and Reyneveld all part of a respected home construction cooperative 
By Mark Schadenberg
I’ve been a full-time Realtor since January of 1999 and a lot has changed in that time in real estate circles both in trends and policies.
The map of the City of Woodstock has also changed considerably as our entrance signs now promote a population of 41,000.
One consistent theme or name in this time span, however, locally has been the name: The Builders Group.