How to open a bank account in the US and why are American accounts safer than Swiss ones?

Why an opening bank accounts in the US is safer than in Switzerland

Is it true that a bank account can be opened in the USA in 30 minutes, even if you are a foreigner with a tourist visa? Does the US really offer banking conditions much better than in Switzerland? Why is US banking safe and secure?

Why make deposits in the US is profitable?

The most profitable and safe investment is just US banks. European banks offer much worse conditions. Let's see why.

Explain in numbers why investing in the US is profitable

The banking system in the US is as friendly as possible for investors. Specify: for any depositors, regardless of their nationality. All conditions are created for the maximum inflow of capital from the whole world: from simple workers to entrepreneurs with multimillion-dollar capital.

Let us, for example, compare the interest rates of the largest banks in Switzerland and the United States.

Swiss banks guarantee the reliability of the deposit but do not ensure their profitability. Therefore, the maximum interest rate on a deposit in a good bank will be 0.15%. In this case, often the proposals will not exceed 0.1%.

For example, the TOP-5 banks that offer the highest interest rates in Switzerland:
  • WIR-Bank - 0.15 rate
  • AEK Bank 1826 - 0.1 rate
  • Banca Popolare di Sondrio - 0.1 rate
  • BBO Bank Brienz Oberhasli - 0.1 rate
  • Regiobank Männedorf - 0.1 rate
Of course, these are only absolute numbers that do not yet answer the question of where to invest. But still - tenths of a percent, seriously?

The situation in US banks is directly dependent on the urgency of the deposit. If you are going to make a deposit for a year, then it is hardly worth waiting for more than 1% of income. And long-term investments can easily give more than 2.5% profit per year.

However, the real return on deposits is almost the same - the United States has only a slight advantage. That's because in Switzerland, zero inflation. This means that money does not lose value. 

But it is worth remembering that this applies only to the Swiss franc and deposits in this currency.

Dollar inflation averages 1.6%, but this level of money depreciation is leveled by the interest rate. Real profits are small but stable. Frank does not give a profit at all, and during the conversion, you will have to greatly overpay.

In addition, almost all Swiss banks do not want to accept deposits of less than a million francs (a little more than a million US dollars). A minimum deposit of 100,000 francs. Therefore, for ordinary people, such conditions are not suitable.

In US banks you can invest absolutely any amount, at least $ 100. In some institutions, there is a minimum amount of investment, but it rarely exceeds $ 1,000.

Open an account in 30 minutes? This is real!

The customer focus of US financial organizations has already become common. This is a unique brand of the country, which thus attracts investors. To be honest, in the US you can easily open an account in half an hour, even if you are a resident of another country.

This requires only:
  • Identity documents - passport.
  • A valid document that permits stay in the country - a visa. Fits absolutely any, even tourist.
  • Card of any bank.
  • The money contribution itself.
Paperwork lasts half an hour. You also need to leave the address to which they will send your new card - that's all.

Open a bank account remotely

To open an account for a legal entity it is not even necessary to come to the country. Everything can be done remotely. The guarantee of safety of funds in any of the top 20 US banks is no worse than in Switzerland. And in order to invest money in an American bank, it is not at all necessary to use them in the United States. After a while, they can just as easily be withdrawn.

If you do everything transparently and not engage in fraud or withdrawal of funds in offshore, the authorities will not have any complaints against you. Moreover, even taxes do not need to be paid, because you have not earned the invested money in the United States.

Banks and big politics. Can you lose money?

Many of those who are going to open an account in the United States fear that their assets may “burn out” due to big politics.

We hasten to reassure: for ordinary citizens nothing changes. Sanctions are relevant only to those investors who are on the sanction lists.

If you intend to use a bank account in the United States as a guarantor of money security and as a source of small profits, then in 99.9% of cases there will be no complaints to you. It is entirely your right and business were to keep the money.

If there are transactions with the account, then it can be checked for the legality of transactions. Especially, if transactions with large amounts exceed 100,000 dollars. The check is handled by the bank security service. If it reveals any violations on your part, you will simply be denied further service. This means that you will be given money and sent to all four parties. Confiscate or freeze money can only by a special court decision - this is a very, very long process, under which only very large frauds worth tens of millions of dollars fall.

So open a bank account in the US or not? Definitely, yes!

US banks make us an offer that is impossible to refuse. Yes, and do not want to give up such delicious conditions.
  • First, it is reliable. You can not worry that the bank may suddenly burst or fail. If you invest in banks from the top 50, then this risk is negligible. But still, you should not be tempted by unnaturally high-interest rates. Profit above 7% - this is a utopia, which can not be true.
  • Secondly, it is profitable. A deposit annually yields a small but steady profit. For example, if you put 200,000 dollars at 2.5% per annum, then every year you will receive 5,000 dollars. In a Swiss bank, you can save money, but not count on profit.
  • Thirdly, it is simple. The procedure for opening an account in the United States is no more difficult than in another country. But the opportunities and prospects you get much more. In this case, you legally do not pay a cent of taxes for the deposit itself. But still, taxes on interest will have to be paid.
Open a bank account in the US or not - the choice of each. But Americans offer the most favorable conditions among all the rest of the world. If you decide to make a deposit abroad, then the United States is the best choice.

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